Taxes and Incentives

Real Estate Tax Structure Summary:

.342536   City of Fairfield, TX
1.264300   Fairfield, TX School District
.042070   Fairfield, TX Hospital District
.250000   Freestone County

Personal Tax Structure:

0% individual state income tax.
(No state income tax in Texas.)

 Local Tax Structure:

8.25% total (6.25% + 2% local/Fairfield)


Business Incentives:

  • Fairfield Industrial Development Corporation (FIDC) Potential Incentives for eligible Economic Development 4A Industrial Projects:
  •  Low Cost (Or Free) Industrial Park property to manufacturers. FIDC owns a 400 acre Industrial Park with 370 acres remaining for industrial development immediately located off Interstate 45 (On Exit 198) between Dallas and Houston.
  •  Land, Buildings, Facilities, Improvements and Expenditures related to: Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities, Distribution Center and Corporate Headquarters.
  •  Infrastructure Upgrades. (Business-related, sewer, utilities and site improvement.)
  •  Capital Grants and Loan Guarantees. (Through Texas Capital Fund)
  •  Loan Interest Forgiveness or Write Downs.
  •  Subordinate Loans to Financial Institutions.
  •  Workforce development grants (Skills Development Fund).


Potential City of Fairfield Incentives:

  • Tax Abatement
  • Chapter 380 Grants
  • Freeport Tax Exemption
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds


Policies or metrics used to determine financial assistance in the FIDC Industrial Park:

  • Number of potential jobs to be created.
  • Square footage of new facility for future taxation purposes.
  • Level of capital investment for development.
  • Potential Sales Tax revenues to be created.
  • Wage levels of jobs to be created.