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Fairfield, Texas is fortunate to be located in the beautiful post oak savannah of Central East Texas. Housing in all price points can be found in Fairfield and the regional area.

Fairfield Facts:

Medium Listing Home Price: $158
Medium Listing Home Price/Sq. Ft.: $96


Areas of Interest:

Fairfield City-Old Town Site

Living in the City Limits of Fairfield will get you close to the park, town square, elementary and intermediate schools. Walk, run or bike around the town and visit the town square to pick up pecans if you like. This area has a mix of historic homes and newer built that represent the original town site feel to present day.

Oak Forrest & Westwood Subdivisions

Located west of the city limits and I-45, Oak Forrest and Westwood offer homes nestled in post oak trees and spacious lots for spreading out. Both additions are less than a mile from the city limits and offer a relaxing way of life with easy access to town.

Lakewood Subdivision

Lakewood is a mile or so east of the city limits and just off of Hwy 84. This subdivision was master planned around its most notable feature, a private lake.

Childs & Walnut Creek Subdivision

Located north-east of downtown Fairfield and just off FM 488 (Main Street), the additions boast some of Fairfield’s finest homes and is within the city limits for easy access.

Richland Chambers Lake Subdivisions

Located 20 miles north of Fairfield, Richland Chambers lake offers premier locations of homes and lots along its 330 miles of pristine shoreline. Fishing, skiing, tubing and sailing are some common pastimes on the lake.